My indoor setup

This is just a quick post to show a picture of my indoor growing setup for my tropical plants. It’s not much, but at the moment it’s getting the job done.


The fluorescent lamp is a single 24 watt T5 bulb. it was sold specifically as an indoor growing light. the bulb is putting out light in the 6400k spectrum. The two additional lights are 23 watt CFLs in the 5200k spectrum. I haven’t read much about the difference the lighting spectrum makes for the plants. So far they seem to be doing well.

The plants are in the plastic container for two reasons. One, it allows me to put pebbles and water under the plants to increase humidity and two, so that they don’t dry out as quickly from the rotary fan I usually have blowing air around in my room.

The extra terra cotta pots a there to boost the plants up so that they’re closer to the lamps. As they grow larger I’ll be able to pull the pots out from under them to lower them down. It seems to be the best option at the moment since each plant needs its own height adjusted individually.


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Charles Willis


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