Indoor grow setup update

I decided to bare root and repot the willow leaf ficus a bit earlier than I had planned. It’s now in a terra cotta bulb pan. It might be a little big for the plant, so I lined the bottom with some lava rock then layered the bonsai substrate on top. Hopefully it will keep the pine bark fines from getting too waterlogged and deteriorating as quickly.

As well as repotting the willow leaf, I cleaned out the “vivarium” aka plastic container and lined it with aluminum foil. I had sealed the top with a couple strips of plastic wrap after I made my last post about it.


Keeping the humidity in with the sealed top seems to have helped the Burtt Davyi with the new foliage growth. When I opened it today it was somewhat warmer than the room, which was really a bit surprising since the CFL lights don’t put off much warmth. Here it is after I just watered it.


And a final shot of the vivarium. Boring, but I felt like I should include it so I can look back on the progress I’ve made.



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Charles Willis


2 thoughts on “Indoor grow setup update”

  1. Hi Charles, that is a good looking setup. I’d say its warmer because you are trapping the heat in the vivarium from the lights, make sure you keep an eye on this as it could affect the plant (depending on the species).

    I also noticed rocks on the “flloor” of the vivarium, are these purely decorative or do you keep them wet for the humidity?

    I’ve done something similar with an old aquarium as a winter growing/display cabinet (gets pretty cold in winter where i am).

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mark. The rocks were there so I could keep water on the bottom without sitting the pots in the water itself, figuring it would help keep the humidity up. Apparently that combined with the sealed top kept it pretty humid. The trees were growing well, but several started to get fungus growth on the pots, which I didn’t want to deal with. I have since got a couple shop lights and a wire rack to sit the plants on. I think I made a blog post about it. Right now the plants are all outside (finally!) for the summer.

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