Still waiting on spring and a quick update

This winter seems to be going on forever. It’s 30º (Fahrenheit) and snowing when just days ago it was close to 50º outside. It’s been a semi-productive winter. I’ve been studying since I haven’t really been able to do much work on bonsai. I picked up a couple books from Stone Lantern, the Juniper and Shohin books. This year I’m going to get some junipers and attempt to style them by what was described on Al Keppler’s blog as the Jim Gremel yamadori style juniper. I can’t find a way to link to the exact post, but it’s easy to find when looking at the junipers tag on his blog. 

As far as really being productive, I replaced my old indoor light setup with a new wire shelf and a shop light. The light houses two 32 watt T8 6400k daylight fluorescent bulbs. Now that’s a mouthful.


It’s certainly a lot cleaner and easier on the eyes than the last light setup I had with the different 23 watt CFLs dangling around a repurposed bookshelf. This is really what I should have done to begin with, but you live and you learn. I was telling someone on the BonsaiNut forums to skip trying to use a CFL for his plant because in the end you’ll end up with more plants and more lights. This setup uses around half the power and puts out a little more light than my old jumbled mess of CFL bulbs. I laugh now when thinking of the $50 “grow light” that I bought from Amazon. This shop light cost me around $25 when factoring in the price of the bulbs.

While I’m still waiting impatiently on winter to pass, I have these nice white flowers popping all over on my fukien tea. I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend interested in bonsai so I left this at her house in a south facing window. She told me she was reading my Bonsai 101 book also conveniently left at her house.


Updates have been sparse, but now that winter is passing I should have more to write about. Tomorrow is my ever bonsai club meeting with the Indianapolis Bonsai Club. I’m excited and a little nervous. I’m sure I’ll have some more stuff to talk about in the coming weeks.


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2 thoughts on “Still waiting on spring and a quick update”

    1. Pretty well. They’re all putting out new growth. I’ve only had them under the artificial light so far I can’t compare it to the speed they would grow outside, but I am assuming that they will grow at least twice as fast when I finally get them out.

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