My first club meeting

Last night I went to my first ever bonsai club meeting with the Indianapolis Bonsai Club. It was a blast to be around people with the same kind of enthusiasm I have for the hobby. Everyone there seemed really cool and knowledgeable. The first half of the meeting was mainly dealing with club issues such as reporting new memberships, treasury totals, and detailing the club trip to Brussel’s Bonsai last week. I was flabbergasted when one of the club members said how much money was spent at Brussels in total. The second half of the meeting was devoted to a lecture about shohin followed by a presentation on shohinpresentation. I noticed that they were using Stone Lantern’s shohin book as a reference, so I felt like I was definitely on the same page since I had been reading it recently. I can’t wait until next month’s meeting. Hopefully it will be a little warmer. 



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Charles Willis


2 thoughts on “My first club meeting”

  1. Actually went myself on March 6th as well for the first time. No work as of yet, basically reading and taking in what I can until spring plants arrive. Have yet to purchase 1 tool, so a ways off before my first try. Was good to see I wasn’t the only new guy.

    1. It was good to see new faces besides myself. Were you sitting on the left side of the room? Someone new was sitting a couple spaces to my right, but I don’t remember any name. Almost all of my plants are tropicals that I’ve had to keep under lights for the winter so I’m pretty much at square one this spring.

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