Drastic ficus chop

Last year when j first got interest in bonsai I bought this sad little ficus on eBay. I didn’t realize at the time how bad it would look due to the seller using a generic ficus picture, nor was I really aware of what a good stock specimen had as far as branching goes.


Just look at what a mess this top section had. It was like a little bush on a telephone pole.


I let it grow out a little bit more and made sure if was healthy and throwing out new roots. Tonight I was looking at the weather realizing that the threat of frost is almost gone from Indiana and decided to finally chop it down the the first branch before I put it outside in the upcoming weeks.


I air wired the branch as a new leader and (for the first time ever) applied cut paste to the chop. I can’t wait to see if it sprouts any new growth off of the trunk or just blows the top up.


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Charles Willis


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