Juniper Chinensis prebonsai training

I’ve been wanting to get a juniper ever since I got the juniper book from Stone Lantern a few months ago. I found this Sea Green Juniper (Chinensis) at Home Depot in a one gallon pot the other day. I picked this one because of the foliageIt has the nice mature scale style foliage which also has that awesome green color. There is some growth that is the juvenile spiky stuff, but hopefully with good care I can get it to eventually grow only scale.


Most people advise only changing half the soil at a time if not only a third (at the most). I read a couple forum posts with people saying that they had done a complete repotting with younger material. I decided to take a chance and change out all of the muddy nursery soil for bonsai soil. Rinsing the roots revealed that there were a lot of fine feeder roots and I added in some of the mycorrhizae in hopes that it will help the tree to recover. Right now I have it sitting in a shaded spot and I’ve been misting the foliage in an effort to reduce transpiration through the foliage like you would a cutting. I think it will make it, but if it does die I will only be out seven bucks.


Assuming it makes it, I would like to eventually make this into a shohin bonsai. The trunk is about an inch thick I’m estimating. I have seen some larger ones with thinner trunks, but they’ve had a lot of movement wired into them. Maybe I can do some wiring next year or create a couple little jin. Right now I just want it to survive. Wish me luck!


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