Boxwood prebonsai pruning

I guess my enthusiasm is infectious because my girlfriend has been becoming interested in bonsai. She had been taking care of the Fukien Tea tree I bought a few months ago, so I figured it was time that I asked her if she wanted to get her first tree to work on. Boxwood is one of her favorite shrubs so we decided to both get one and work on them.

Hers is on the left and mine on the right:Image

I think that I’ve heard that the Green Velvet variety is faster growing than others:Image

I thought I had a decent nebari hiding under there, but I should have dug in more:Image

My girlfriend grabbed the first one in sight to check it had a great root spread already:Image


Hers turned out really good. I helped her first wire, then she wired some more and ran guy wires on the branches to pull them down:Image


I tried hacking mine back really hard, hopefully as it fills out it will look better. That’s the idea anyway. There’s not much taper from the base at all and it’s a bit of a let down from what I thought I saw at the store. Possible front one:Image

Possible front two:Image

Ugly side:Image

Another ugly side:ImageI’m really impressed with my girlfriend’s tree. She has such a good eye for crafting and design. She is a total natural. Mine is pretty sad looking now, but hopefully the rest of the growing season is kind to it.


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Charles Willis


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