Willow leaf ficus shohin wired

This is the little willow leaf ficus root cutting that I got from Schley’s Bonsai last fall when I went to Florida. It’s been putting on a little growth as I’ve had it under lights, but I haven’t wired or cut it back. Now that it’s outside I chose the initial branches and cut off the unneeded ones, then  decided it’s got enough length on the branches that I could put the initial direction into them, not much movement though.


From the back it’s easier to see the chop mark where it was cut back before I bought it. Also easier to see where I’ve wired the top branch to use as a sacrifice branch. Luckily there is a new branch emerging lower on the top branch that I can eventually cut back to.



The pot is a little deep, but I wanted room to develop a nice root system this summer. Hopefully next year I can get it in a better pot.


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Charles Willis


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