Japanese Holly “Ilex Crenata” nursery stock


Finally got around to cutting this back today after having it for a couple of weeks now. It’s a bit rough, but I felt like I already took off more than I perhaps should have, though I have heard that these hollies can be cut back really hard.



I suppose you could think of this as a naturalistic styling. Hopefully as it recovers I can decide on where to reduce it further maybe next spring. I’ll post an update after it fills back out.


Published by

Charles Willis


2 thoughts on “Japanese Holly “Ilex Crenata” nursery stock”

  1. Looking good Charles, seems like you did take quite a bit off it though so I’m hoping you are keeping an eye on it as I’m pretty keen to see how it comes out in a few seasons time 🙂 The Japanese Holly has some really nice dense foliage so will come out great!

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