Ficus Burtt Davyi

I bought this ficus Burtt Davyi last year through the mail. It’s from Meehan’s Miniatures. It was originally two or three times as tall, but I decided to chop it down. Unfortunately I was hasty and used a dull tool to make the chop. Thus this really ugly spot that may never heal.


The nebari could also be fixed up a little bit. There are a couple big roots, but I decided to put a wire tourniquet around the base to cause more swelling and new root growth as it grows out.




Look how long this one root had grown. I pruned it back and repotted into a deeper grow pot.




It’s been a couple of weeks, but there are already roots pushing to the edge of the pot.


Now to sit back and let this grow. The plan is to see if growing out will help to repair that ugly chop mark. If not I will just let the growth increase the trunk girth so I can chop it down to the first bend. Just have to wait and see.


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Charles Willis


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