Yew nursery stock prebonsai

I have been looking for a yew to start working on this year and after a couple months of randomly browsing nurseries and big box stores I finally found something that had a decent base and trunk.


Not bad for ten bucks, eh? I figured it was a European yew, but I guess it’s a hybrid type. They sell a lot of these in the big box stores around this part of Indiana.


Digging down a bit I felt a bit of a flare under the soil line, but I’m not sure what kind of nebari lie in wait. If it weren’t for my poor photography skills you’d be able to see the flare at least.



Next year I would like to repot into a pond basket with good bonsai soil. In the meantime I am going to think about chopping it back. I am getting mixed signals on the best time to do drastic chops. I think it has potential to make a good shohin sized tree with some cool jin down low. We shall see.


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Charles Willis


3 thoughts on “Yew nursery stock prebonsai”

  1. I would cut it back to all first branches in the spring or early summer and then hit it wirh some 20-20-20 but not after repotting unless you simply put the whole root ball into a larger pot with more soil… Or what I like to do is cut back to first branches and make the bare rootball roughly the same size as the top spread and pot into nothing but soaked spagnum moss packed around the root

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