Culprit: colander or mycorrhiza?

A few months ago I took a cutting that I had rooted and placed it into a colander. At the same time I dosed with with some mycorrhiza fungi. The post can be seen here:

All the while it grew very well and thickened up quite a bit, but I was worried that I had not seen any roots poking out of the colander.







I was worried about the root system, but it looks like it was ready for repotting.



I decided to repot it into a terra cotta pot. This accomplished a couple of things. For one it let me examine how the root system has developed compared to some of my cuttings in regular pots. It also lets me straighten out any crossing roots and prepare the root base so that I won’t have any big problems down the road.



Another ficus I allowed to extend growth at the tips without any growth near the base has failed to thicken much at all, so I might cut it back a little bit to get some back budding.


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Charles Willis


3 thoughts on “Culprit: colander or mycorrhiza?”

  1. Well maybe it’s not suitable to be paced in a colander pot. I’m glad that you transferred it to a clay pot. You did a great job and always keep it up.

  2. Your problem is the poor excuse for a colander. That one is just a plastic pot with a couple extra small holes. To get better growth and healthier roots, you need a colander that has holes everywhere. The entire colander (as much as possible) should look just like the plastic you use to cover drainage holes in a ceramic pot. This is a good example
    These used to be carried by the dollar tree stores Not sure where to get good ones anymore…

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