Styling Junipers The traditional Japanese style Part 1. Rough material

Bonsai advice

I must say that this one might be a bit of a shocker. Never Had I imagined that junipers are styled like this in Japan, until I saw it, learned how to do it and styled many junipers this way.

Junipers go through several different stages of styling, that are very different in nature.Different parts of junipers are also subjected to different type of trimming

Pines in general are styled almost exactly as junipers, and get me right here, I am not talking of development and maintenance techniques. I am talking about first styling and wiring, branch positioning and pad formation.

The first stage will be when the cutting is small, and flexible. It is wired and twisted in order to create interesting trunk. The sooner you start the wiring process the more intricate curves you will be able to achieve. Twisting and sharp angle bends can only be achieved…

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