Kingsville Boxwood 2014

March was the Indy Bonsai Club’s annual tree of the year workshop. Each year the club gets a bunch of one type of tree from Brussel’s Bonsai and holds a workshop for all the members. This years was kingsville boxwood. The club provided the trees, soil, and oversized pot. Initially I used the pot and soil they provided and potted the tree up without any pruning or styling. 




I had decided earlier this year that I would be using better soil components this year and stocked up on lava rock, pumice, and akadama. I regretted not bringing my own soil to use. The club’s soil was usable, but I felt like the combination of haydite, turface, and bark fines would hold a lot of moisture and not get the roots as much oxygen as I’d like. The next day when I got home I took the tree out, pruned the roots more to fit into this smaller pot, and repotted it with a combination of two parts akadama to one part lava rock. Hopefully this won’t shock the tree so much that it dies. I’m willing to take the chance.


The nights are still dipping down into freezing here so it’s in my basement under a fluorescent light. I should be able to put it out in the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck!


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Charles Willis


One thought on “Kingsville Boxwood 2014”

  1. I am loving your blog, I am fairly new to bonsai too and love watching and learning from you as you do.Thank you for the work you put in on your blog for us to follow, as I said I am really enjoying it.

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