Ficus salicaria recovery

This is a ficus salicaria that I have had for almost two years now. When I bought it I cut it down and took several cuttings from it which are know developing into their own little trees. I have had problems figuring how how to deal with the weird base that was swollen but had no surface rootage. I crammed it into this tiny pot when I brought it in for winter. The soil mix wasn’t the best and it dropped a bunch of leaves due to the root reduction (I am guessing). I decided to rejuvenate it a bit with a bigger pot and better soil. The soil is a mix of two parts Dry a Stall pumice, one part Turface, and one part akadama. The plan is to drastically cut it back later this summer with the aim of developing it into a sumo banyan style tree. Hopefully it recovers and doesn’t croak! Another lesson learned: bonsai means patience.










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Charles Willis


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