The 2014 mom and pop Pfizter Juniper nursery find

I went nursery crawling the other day. Usually I don’t buy anything because most of it really doesn’t seem worth the time and effort for bonsai. I was looking for a procumbens juniper, but looking around I couldn’t decide on any of them. Then I noticed a set of three big Chinese junipers. The trunks on them were gigantic, much more advanced than anything I have currently.

I didn’t see a price on any of them, but I figured they had to be at least as much as the $32 dollar plants they were surrounded by. So I try to decide on one, then take it up to the register to ask the price. The lady told me $10!! Unbelieveable. She said there were more out there if I wanted them. So I walked back and grabbed the other two. So I ended up with three plants for less than I thought one could possibly be. Just look at the excitement on my face.


For a size reference check out the watering can on the side.


I tried to take some pictures of the bases, but they didn’t come out as well as I would have liked.





So far all I’ve done is to clean out the dead branches. I left some of the thicker ones as stubs for future jin options. Then I put some osmocote slow release fertilizer pellets on the surface and watered them thoroughly. They seemed pretty dry. Then they were placed out in full sun. I’m still contemplating what exactly to do with them. Maybe I’ll graft foliage onto one of them, or maybe all three. The current foliage doesn’t look bad though. I’ve got the time to decide. If anything bonsai has been teaching me patience.


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Charles Willis


3 thoughts on “The 2014 mom and pop Pfizter Juniper nursery find”

  1. I too love these kind of finds! Though now my collection has grown to the point I am (secretly) swearing off buying anymore. I too got some (12) of the shimpaku starts you blogged about and transplanted mine into clay pots, all seem to be doing well. How are yours?

    1. A couple have some browning tips on the foliage, but other sections of the plant have new growth on other tips of the foliage. Most of them are nice and green now. One got knocked over and I hurriedly poured some pumice onto the top rather than mix more soil for it. I put a little bit of osmocote on all of them and have been fertilizing them with Dyna Gro foliage pro once a week along with all of my other plants. I have some blood meal and bone meal mixed up that I need to put into teabags. Each little pot should hold one teabag of the fert.

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