creating interesting jin…on a juniper…without powertools…

becoming bonsai

I have been working on a technique for creating interesting looking jin and shari for junipers especially, but it could probably work on pines and other conifers.

In most of the carving demonstrations I see, the artist utilizes power tools. I think a lot of that kind of carving looks great, and it’s exactly the thing you need when you’re gonna take a considerable amount of material off of a tree. Different people will give you different kind of advice on how to approach power carving, especially detailed work. But when it comes to smaller jin and shari work, most of the advice you hear amounts to: just grab a pair of jin pliers and rip off the bark and some of the wood. When you see trees with created jin and shari, some look a little better, some look a little worse, and by the advice most people offer…

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