First kusamono attempt

I have a ficus salicaria that I’m planning on showing at the Indianapolis Bonsai Clubs show at the annual Indiana State Fair in August. I’ve been thinking that I need to start working on an accent plant for it. Since it’s a small tree I’ve tried to put one together that is low lying without anything extending vertically to make the ficus look small.

On my trip to the big box store I found three different plants I thought would work well together. I grabbed English ivy, Japanese painted fern “Pictum,” and Lysimachia. All three are partial sun so hopefully they grow well together.





The roots on all three were trimmed back a little, they were stuffed into this growing pot, then I chopsticked some bonsai soil in. Hopefully in a couple of months I’ll be able to stuff it into a smaller pot for my display.

While I was messing around with that kusamono I noticed a cool weed growing along the cracks in the pavement near my bench. I pulled out some with as much root as I could and put it into another little bonsai pot. It’s sitting under my bench in the shade. If it survives I’ll put it back into the sun.



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