New growth… Spring is in the air

I moved all of my tropicals outside a couple weeks ago before (maybe) I should have. The temperatures were high enough that the plants wouldn’t die, but they certainly wouldn’t be growing like gangbusters yet.

Experienced tropical-in-the-North guys in my club advise defoliating when you put your tropicals out in the spring/summer. That way you can place them immediately into full sun and the leaves won’t have any problems adjusting since there are no leaves. The new leaves will grow in smaller and you’ll have short innernodes.

I did repotted all of my tropicals into the new mix I talked about in my spring update post. I decided not to defoliate them (except for a few salicaria that were battling scale). This was to ensure that they stayed strong until the temperatures really warmed up.

The last several days have seen a lot of rain, but it’s been warm enough that some plants have been pushing new leaves.





You can see the sunburn on the older leaves I left. I may clip them off later on or maybe not. Most of these plants are still in the growing stage, not refinement stage. That’s why I’ve been fertilizing them already as well. I’m not too concerned about leaf size, or even innernodes length, considering they’ll be cut back eventually.


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