Ficus Microcarpa “Green Island”

A few weeks ago I got this F. Microcarpa “Green Island” as a bit of a surprise gift from a new friend. Thank you, Andy!


I let it sit while I decided what I wanted to do with it. I did not like the exposed roots. They were a bit too messy. Yesterday I decided to repot it to see what was up with the roots. The tree had put out a lot of figs, but only a couple new leaves. It was definitely in need of soil refresh and repot. I changed the angle and stuck it into this pot. It’s not an appropriate shape, but it’s what I had and the size is good for encouraging growth.


Then I defoliated it and got a look at the branches.


I set out to wire the branches. Lesson learned. Make sure your wire reinforces the outside of your bend and take the bend slowly on thicker branches.


I put some cut paste over the broken part of the branch. It would probably heal without it, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt.


I didn’t mess with wiring any more of that branch so that it wouldn’t stress it out anymore. I set to wiring everything and tried to create a silhouette. The photo makes it look so chaotic. My wiring needs a lot of work, but in person it looks better than the picture. Combination of shitty photography and wiring skills.


Hopefully the repot and defoliation will spur a lot of new growth. It’s going to need a lot of refinement. Next repot I’d like to put it into a shallower oval container. Not decided on unglazed or glazed pot.


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Charles Willis


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