New Years Bonsai Resolutions

Happy new year! Yes, I am aware it’s over a week late.

This year I have a set of new years resolutions in addition to the typical get in shape, eat better, etc, that are particular to bonsai:

1. Cull the plant herd and focus on the plants with the greatest potential. It’s easy to get swamped buying hordes of plants to work on instead of a few good pieces of material. Nearly any plant has potential to become a good bonsai, but time is money. Time spent messing with juvenile material is time you could be spending on advanced material. I’ve become a lot more discerning when judging whether or not to get a new plant than I was at first.

2. Make a growing bed for future material. I’m going to grow some Japanese maples and Japanese black pine. Some will go in the growing bed and I’ll have a small amount in pots. The potted pines will go into pond baskets next year. This seems in contrast to resolution one, but it ties in with the next one.

3. Narrow down tropical plants and work on what is cold hardy in my area. I love ficus. I really do. There is a point though where I don’t have the space to mess with them indoors over the winter. I’m going to narrow my collection down to one shelf. It will be difficult to choose, but worth it.

4. Make more blog posts! Last year I had so many opportunities for new posts, but missed the boat. My life had a few twists and turns, but this year it’s back on track. I’m making progression posts. I’ll detail progressions of plants from when I got them, some updates on my growing bed, and other adventures. I love reading everyone’s blogs even when it may be about some routine or mundane task. Even if I only have a couple pics and a few sentences I’ll share it.

Thanks for reading everyone! Here’s to a good 2015. 🙂


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Charles Willis


7 thoughts on “New Years Bonsai Resolutions”

  1. I too have thoughts of thinning the herd, I just don’t know how? I tried selling some which I felt were ones I could get rid of. But to no avail. Any ides on getting rid of a few? (Humanely).

    1. I have three ways planned. Plant them in the ground either at home or on family property. Give them away or sell them for a couple bucks at my club’s monthly meeting. Last, put them on eBay starting at a penny with no reserve.

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