Repotting privet for growing out

Last year I bought a couple privet “Golden Vicary” on the cheap. They put out a little growth but nothing like I heard privet were apt to do. So about a week or two after they started putting new out new buds this year I repotted them into slightly larger containers.  

Container size comparison:


Good mass of roots. Wouldn’t say it was exactly root bound but it seems like a good idea to up the container size: 


Combed out the roots a little so they’d grow into the new soil surrounding the outside of the rootball:  


For those wondering the freshly worked in soil was 3 parts pine bark, 2 parts perlite, and 1 part Turface. I put some Miracle Grow shake and feed on the surface. It has trace elements in it. I also put a nice dusting of Plant Tone into the upper layer of soil. Beside the NPK values, It has mycorrhizae in it which will hopefully help create a good   chemistry. 

The end goal here is lots of growth. Hopefully in a couple years these privets will have bulked up to the point I can chop them down and start making shohin. 



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